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Sometimes an artist needs to hit the refresh button – a chance to decompress, re-evaluate, re-center and regenerate. That is the mission that the Purple Fiddle Artist In Residence Series serves – a simple exchange between a budding talent and the venue. You offer your talent and new expressions to our stage, and we give you a place of reprieve. We all benefit. Enjoy. – John Bright, Purple Fiddle

Jasmine Lorraine “Wonky Tonk” Poole grew up in the hard scrabble portion of the American heartland. Kentucky, to be precise. Her world of loss and longing is familiar terrain for lovers of country, bluegrass and folk music but, just as Kentucky can be viewed as a bridge between north and south, Wonk’s music blends elements of Indie/Alternative rock with old school country. It’s hard to separate the wonk from the tonk. Nor should you try.

Wonk’s influences, John Prine, Guy Clark, Modest Mouse and Loretta Lynn among them (especially Loretta), are apparent but her music is not derivative. Wonk is her own cowgirl. Fiercely independent but naturally shy, Jasmine uses her alter ego and blue cowgirl boots to deal with the notion of impossibly cruel but equally exhilarating existence.

“This Kentucky Troubadour is guaranteed to steal your heart. Wonky Tonk finds herself in the “Indie-Country” category with this album; she’s the kind of country-star that hipsters wouldn’t be embarrassed to say they like, while still keeping deep rooted country fans happy.” – Elmore Magazine

“Wonky Tonk, Poole’s Country-music alter ego who has been compared to Lucinda Williams and Lydia Loveless, takes a stage like an occupying army, storming in with purpose, confidence and conviction.” – Cincinnati City Beat