Yet To Be Gold, featuring Jeb of Donna the Buffalo

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Yet To Be Gold circles around the songs of Gregor Bone (guitar and vocals) who has spent over two decades exploring and nurturing the art of songwriting, and who has recorded over 20 albums under various pseudonyms. His heavily lyrical songs combine elements of folk and rock’ roll, and shine little lights down the linear side trails of the human condition, often turning the camera inward and narrowing the aperture, focusing on the little lives in the dark recesses of the mind. Recently he has worked closely with Ric Robertson and Aaron Lipp of Sam Grisman Project, to write and produce their solo albums. Together with the enigmatically brilliant Jeb Puryear (electric guitar) of the folk-rock staple Donna The Buffalo. Jonas Puryear (Bass) from the High-octane-poetical-punk band Vicious Fishes. And multi-talented artistic autodidact Luca Greenspun (drums) making wooden sticks sound like bird feathers.