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“The Young Novelists’ sophomore effort, Made Us Strangers, is an exciting set that eschews the glitz and glamour of contemporary country rock’n’roll for a sound that is far more raw and organic. Recording with Zeus’ Carlin Nicholson, the Toronto-based group strove for a sound that was grittier and edgier than their previous effort by composing songs that are thick with electric guitars, rumbling drums and joyful honky-tonk piano.” –

Through their rich but rustic sound, Toronto roots-rock outfit The Young Novelists deliver a dose of honesty in audible form.

“Made us strangers”, their upcoming sophomore effort, showcases a significant sonic progression for the band. Ripe with raw but elegant instrumentation and stacked multi-layered harmonies, their pure take on folk-tinged rock translates equally well from the stereo or stage.

What first began as a stack of songs that frontman Graydon James had amassed behind the drum kit in various bands during his university years eventually became a collection of recordings performed by the six-piece band, Graydon James & The Young Novelists. But over time, as James’ wife Laura Spink became integral to the creative process and the band began performing and touring as a duo, the more succinct banner of The Young Novelists was born.